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Securely store & access your digital life!

Securely back up, sync, access, and share your important content across operating systems & devices – anytime, anywhere, with Verizon Cloud. All of your contacts, photos, videos, music, and documents – all in one safe place. 


Increase usage of contents
Verizon wants to increase the number of active users to consume their content like photos, videos, and music.
New Verizon brand update 
The new brand image changed company-wide.
A new update to responsive design
Update the Verizon Cloud web for responsive design


More than tripled the usage of users' content after the launch.
Doubled the number of users over a year.
Client: Verizon Wireless
Timeline: 8 weeks
Date: 2016
Development: Verizon IT
Platform: Web, iOS, Android
UX Lead: James Hwang
Creative Direction
UX Strategy
Interactive Design
Visual Design
Verizon Cloud_Solutions2.png


Updated responsive design with smart content across all platforms by remembering special days, unique locations, and discussions with friends and family for easy shares and cross-communicate with other Verizon applications, like VZ messaging and Fios TV.


The starting point for Verizon Cloud 2.0 was reviewing all VZ Cloud 1.0 materials include a business requirement, application analytics, KPI, and User Interview.  See more detail below.

VZ_Cloud _Process.jpg

Design and Development Sprint Schedule

At Verizon Wireless, besides having the roadmap of products and a product schedules, we have sprint schedules for each product.

Project Goal

  • To adopt the Cloud Web experience into a RESPONSIVE DESIGN

  • Implement the new Verizon PHOENIX branding elements into the experience

  • Improve the FUNCTIONALITY

  • Increase ENGAGEMENT of the web platform

Insights and Research

“Continued growth in the number of mobile users on Verizon Cloud”

Web Usage Landscape

  • over 300 million people access the internet in the U.S., with the numbers growing an average of 5% each year

  • in 2014, mobile devices accounted for over 30% of those users

Internet Access.png
Users are accessing the site from a wide variety of screen sizes
The goals of users are the same across device type;
for example the ability to access Contacts, Photos, and Documents
same across device type.png

Competitor Benchmarking

Evaluate industry leads positioning and their feature functions compare to VZ Cloud


Desktop and Mobile Design

Cloud Web Option a %22Trends%22 Copy.png
iPhone 6 Plus Copy 2.png
iPhone 6 Plus Copy.png
iPhone 6 Plus Copy 3.png
iPhone 6 Plus Copy 4.png
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