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Secure Wallet System

The secure wallet system provides merchants and users a sense of security on credit card information and enhances the checkout experience by tokenization and auto authentication. SWS will make the company competitive and edge over the competition in the industry.

Client: Credit Card Co.
Timeline: 8 weeks
Date: 2019
Platform: Web / Android
UX Lead: James Hwang

Help users purchase experience with secure credit card information by tokenizing the credit card and manage the user wallet system. Improve merchant and customer engagement to increase the checkout converge rate.

UX Direction 
UX Design
UX Strategy
Interactive Design

The Credit Card company losing market share to 3rd party wallet systems like (Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Paypal, etc.). The Credit Card company does not have a convenient wallet system competitive with the competition.


1 Phase Solution

Create the wallet system feature to convert manual credit card information to the tokenized card and add Web Authentication to reduce the layers of authentication.


2 Phase Solution

Add a “Login with” feature to protect the user’s information and reduce the merchant's purchase process. Also, the auto-login will increase the user’s checkout conversion rate.



The Company was first released the checkout API to associate merchants, but the API has the overlay top of the merchant's checkout process and this made the purchase flow longer at the initial launch.


Also, most of the competitors influence a lot earlier stage in the marketing funnel. Apple Pay is embedded in iOS and Google Pay sync up with all Google applications. PayPal and Venmo connect with SNS plus easy to send money and checkout experience to users and merchants.


The Company to be competitive with computations, Phase 3 strategy is an answer. The Company is known for trust and security on services and this project is leveraging it to create the log-in option. This creates a more user base result in an increase in the marketing funnel at the checkout stage.

UX Methodology

UX Process.png

Approach projects with UX methodology in mind to target the project goal and plan it for the long term vision.


Workshop with the core team.


Project dependencies and strategy


Q1 deliverables roadmap

Screen Shot 2020-01-17 at 2.53.44 PM.png

Tokenization use cases workshop


Purchase Flow Reviews


OPT-in to Tokenization During the Checkout


How can we message new users about WebAuthn and incorporate the WebAuthn enrollment option seamlessly during checkout?


Design Options: First Time Use

Design Options_WebAuthen.jpg
Usability Test Methodology

User acceptance test of features needs at the moment of engagement.

Usability web test to find out, the user can complete application features, and AB test different flows of the same feature to measure better experiences interface.

Face to face user interviews and usability tests to get the information gap, and you cannot get some of the web tests and get verified users and their profile.

Usability Test HIghlights


Deliver the usability test finding and validating the WebAuthn and Tokenization features to the Go-to-market team.

Provide other opportunities like "login with" to increase conversion rate by “Log-in with” feature.

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