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Awesome Packaging Makes an Impact!

by Karen and Neil Gwartzman | Feb 22, 2019 | Business Tips, Marketing Tips, Shipping | 0 comments

You know advertising matters when you’re selling Private Label products.  You also know your customers are going to consider price, quality, and value when deciding whether or not to buy your products.  Did you know, however, that your products’ packaging is just as important? It’s true! In an age where YouTube channels like Unbox Therapy attract tens of millions of subscribers, consumers want not just an attractive product, but also a creative, unexpected, or unusual package to open with it.  Great packaging leaves customers with the impression that your brand is professional and upscale. Your customers are also more likely to do repeat business with you and offer your products as gifts when you offer “gift-like packaging,” according to a study by Dotcom Distribution.  Premium packaging is a way you can sell your quality products at a premium price. Today, we’ll take a look at some awesome packaging ideas that made an impact with consumers.  

Trident Gum

How fun and interactive is this smile packaging from well-known chewing gum company Trident?  Say cheese!

Thelma’s Treats

These oven boxes are an absolutely adorable way for the Des Moines bakery Thelma’s Treats to display its oven-warm cookies.  Customers love it!  Check out this review from Yelp: The box is what makes the gift of cookies truly special.

Smirnoff Vodka

This is a genius packaging idea for fruit-flavored Smirnoff Caprioska vodka.  Paper wrapping is printed to look like fruit skin, and peeled off in strips to reveal the bottle.

Good Hair Day Organic Pasta

These well-placed cellophane windows turn boring old pasta boxes into miniature works of art that live up to their name.  Designer Nikita Konkin won several international design awards for this creative packaging.

Goldfish Tea Bags

With a few strategically placed folds and snips, Taiwanese company Charm Villa turned its tea bags into swimming goldfish.  This cute little design fetches a hefty price tag: Around $40 for a twelve-pack of tea bags!

Boxed Water

These portable drinks from UK company Vivid Waters are both eye-catching and environmentally friendly.  Instead of landfill-clogging plastic bottles, each flavor comes in “a recyclable Box made from low carbon, light weight, naturally renewable and recyclable materials that are sourced responsibly.”  

When it comes time for you to order your next shipment of products, take some time to discuss packaging with your manufacturer.  An upgrade might be just what your Private Label business needs to make sales soar.  If you need help, let us help you.  You can lean on us and our decades of experience to help your business shine. Schedule a one-on-one brainstorming session with us today! 

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