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Autonomous Car Mobile App

To create the mobile application for Autonomous Car to get transport to the location while in comfort of home.

If facts (in 10 years...)

  • Human driving is outlaw.

  • Human driving increase casualties

  • Autonomous car reduce accident per mile than human

  • Car are not own by single owner

  • Autonomous car is better and faster to park themself

  • Autonomous car does the service themself

  • Autonomous car is smart enough to break, go, stop and park

  • Autonomous cars will be able to tell if you are having a health event, going into labor, having a heart attack, etc.


Share your home or business parking lot with customers and earn money.

Given customer value of having more parking space near your location than most public parking space is mostly near the public attraction.

Focus on customer safety by hotline, lighting and video requirement by host. Delightful service experience by easy to find the location with the digital signage (augmented reality signage) at the location.

Customer Booking Experience Wireframes 

Share Car_WireFrames.jpg


Screen Shot 2019-11-04 at 10.24.35
Screen Shot 2019-11-04 at 10.24.48
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